Readers Advisory

What Next? Books in Series

Are you having trouble finding out if the book your’re wanting to read is a part of a series or you’re wanting to know the order of the books in a series?  The Kent District Library in Michigan has a wonderful webpage titled What’s Next? Books in Series that you should find useful.

The Mid-Continent Library in Missouri has a nice webpage for Juvenile Series and Sequels for the younger readers.   Christian Fiction Series  books can be found on the Bentonville Public Library website.

A.K.A, also known as

Have you read everything written by your favorite author?  More books might be hidden under a different author’s name. Sometimes authors use different names to help their readers know what kind of book they’ve written–for example, romances under one name and mysteries under another name.  There are several websites that list author pseudonyms, aliases and pen names.

The a. k. a  list has over 15,000 entries.  Other lists can be found at Rana’s World Author Aliases, Science Fiction Author Pseudonyms, and Mystical Unicorn Used Bookstore.

Oprah’s Book Club

A few times each year, Oprah Winfrey announces the title of a book to be featured in Oprah’s Book Club. A listing of the books can be found at the Readers Read website.  The Readers Read website also has a link to Author’s webpages.

Books to Film

Books to Film

Movies Based on the Book

Books Made into Movies